Suz's Must Try Beauty Products 2015

2014 was an amazing year for me and my beauty pal, Ky! We racked up a full wedding season working together on so many beautiful faces and gorgeous locks!

In the winter months, we're still busy with the beauty hustle, but we made some time to collaborate and video document our favorite products of 2014 for Ky's beauty channel on Youtube. Here goes my bragging rights (as a friend I can do this). 

Ky is an extremely talented makeup and hair artist and since I started in the beauty industry, Ky has been a great mentor. She is a true beauty connoisseur and I can always trust her advice and tips on the latest and greatest techniques and products out there! I am excited about our video/blog collaboration and if you missed the video, click here to watch.

Did you like it? Hope so! 

We wanted to do a follow up post about the beauty products that we're most looking forward to in 2015. Today, I will share mine and tomorrow I will share Ky's, so stay tuned!!

Must Try Beauty Products 2015

(Starting from top/bottom left to right in the photo)

Marula Oil-

Kinda cheating a little bit on this one. It was given to me as a Christmas gift from my hip sistas who live in LA (in a roller ball form). I've been using it on some dry spots and fine lines especially my crows feet. Excited to see the results in 2015!

RMS Lip & Skin Balm-

I am looking forward to using more of makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift's conscious and quality beauty line (RMS) starting with the award winning lip and skin balm.

Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Scrub-

I'm a coffee lover, but I don't drink it everyday, too obsessed with tea to make coffee my main brew. I could smell it everyday though and what better way to do it than during morning exfoliation.  

Anastasia Contour Kit-

My brow friend works for Anastasia and she told me to buy this. I do what she tells me. 

Artis Makeup Brushes-

These brushes are so intimidating; therefore this year I will conquer my fears and try them!

My 2015 Beauty Resolution

If I write it... I have to follow it, right?? Okay then, I am looking forward to giving my skin (our largest organ) some more TLC starting with a quality vitamin C oil such as one I tried in 2014 by Eminence. I received some samples of this organic kale and vitamin C + E packed serum and I loved it so much that I'm ready to order it! I also want to moisturize and exfoliate my body as religiously as I do my face! I think these resolutions are attainable, don't you? Try them with me and let's hold each other accountable to better skin in 2015!