Makeup Kit Restock

This week I am collaborating with my friend and professional makeup artist from Richie Beauty Tube. She is tubing and I am blogging on the most restocked items in our professional makeup kits. With the new year and spring arriving, there are lots of restocks happening, so we thought it would be fun to share with other makeup professionals and makeup gurus about what we're restocking most! Give us a share in the comments and let us know what you're restocking because it's all about learning from each other!

Left to Right: 

Lip Colors- When the seasons change, so do my makeup kit lip colors. I am excited about the spring nudes that are in and all their variations. I have been busy ordering Artistry's new lip colors. And their sleek/innovative packaging pairs perfect with their high end lip formulas. 

Beauty Blenders- I can't get enough of the original Beauty Blender. Like Ky said, the pink wears out quicker than the black, but I love the pink blender because it gives the perfect coverage that my clients need. 

Liquid Liners- I've tried a lot of liquid liners, but this season I am giving Kat Von D a whirl. This liquid liner has a felt tip pen, which I like. It has great reviews and I used it on my clients this past weekend and the performance was stellar. 

False Lashes- I am always restocking false lashes, especially during wedding season. This year, I am testing out the eylure lashes because I heard that they give a natural and wispy lash look (which is really in right now.)

Precision Q-tips- I can't get enough of the precision Q-tips. They are perfect for tweaking defined eye liner. 

Give us a share about your favorite makeup kit restock products in my comments below and make sure to check out Ky's makeup/product videos on youtube