I specialize in customized bridal makeup that is not only based on your comfort level with makeup, but also specifically tailored to your wedding style, facial features, and overall bridal look. I ensure that your makeup is balanced both for the camera and for in-person interactions. You will be confident that your makeup will last throughout the event and know that you look like the best, polished, and most put-together version of yourself.

In addition to the bride’s makeup, I typically provide makeup for the entire bridal entourage, including bridesmaids, mothers/mothers-in-law, grandparents, flower girls, or any combination thereof.  


The Bridal Makeup Process

I give each of my clients focused, personalized attention throughout the process, from answering preliminary questions to drawing up the contract, during the bridal makeup trial, and on the wedding day.

Here is a brief overview of the process:

Initial intake

We discuss date and time, and briefly identify services required (for example, number of people in the wedding party needing makeup). I assess whether other affiliated makeup artists will be required on site.


I consult with you, by phone or through email, to find out more about you and your wedding. We discuss your makeup needs.


I draw up the contract for services and send it to you for your signature. You then send it back to me. When the contract is fully executed, I save your wedding date in my calendar, and we proceed to plan for the makeup aspects of the wedding. This includes going over the details and logistics of your wedding timeline. 

Pre-wedding trial

We set up and have a pre-wedding trial on a mutually agreeable date (in studio, or, for an additional fee, at the bride’s preferred location. During the trial, we discuss and test out the wedding look. 

Wedding day makeup session

On the wedding day, I come to the “getting ready venue” to prepare the bride(s) and others in the party. I make sure that there is absolutely no stress associated with makeup needs, so the bride(s) and others in the wedding party can hang out in the preparation room, relax, get ready, and become beautiful.