Welcome! We’re so delighted you’ve found the best makeup artists to give you the natural, beautiful look you want for your wedding day. 

We know that skin should feel like skin and you should feel like you! We want to help you become the most gorgeous version of yourself—both in person and on camera for your big day.  We specialize in Natural Bridal makeup and have perfected the balance between in-person makeup and photography makeup, so that you can rock both looks—naturally.  Of course you want your makeup to show up in your wedding photos, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your natural look in person, or look like someone other than yourself.

This may shock you, but we pride ourselves on having people not pay attention to your makeup on your wedding day. We want everyone to notice you—all of you, and say,  “I’ve never seen you look more amazing!”  Your makeup should enhance your beauty, not hide it. After all, it is your wedding day and our Natural Brides always look effortlessly dazzling.




We love recommending a nurturing skincare regimen prior to the big day for our Natural Brides. We recommend the best non-toxic skincare brands on the market. We want your skin to be glowing and to be in the best shape possible for your wedding. In fact, our bridal makeup artists specialize in holistic skincare and we have amazing natural brow experts at our fingertips to recommend to you.



Our passion is providing upscale, non-toxic makeup products for you on your wedding day. You never have to compromise your beauty ethics for a special event. Our top-of-the-line, non-toxic makeup products provide the high performance necessary to ensure you have a beautiful healthy glow on your wedding day.


Do you know that skin is always in?

Do you want breathable skin?

Do you want your natural beauty to be enhanced and not transformed?

Would you like fresh and glowing makeup?

Do you care about what goes on your skin?

Are you health conscious?


Gluten Free?

Sensitive Skin?


Do you eat organic foods as much as possible?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, you may be a Natural Bride and we’d love to help you look your best and feel good about it when you get married. Contact us today and schedule a consultation for a Natural Bride look for your big day!

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