Preteen/Teen Natural Makeup Class Friday June 3rd 4-5 pm

A mom of a fifteen-year-old girl contacted me online and said… “I found you from looking into makeup classes for teens. I saw a ton of people who can do that, but your makeup just looked so clean. I don’t want my daughter to look too made up, just enhanced!”

I was really flattered and it got me thinking about what a gift it would be for preteens and teenagers to learn how to care for their skin properly and wouldn’t it be great if they learned how to apply makeup in a tasteful and fun way without teaching themselves bad habits.

As a former teacher, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start a new lesson program called #themakeupteacher. My focus for this program is to teach preteens, teenagers, and adults proper skincare and gorgeous makeup that will accentuate their natural beauty instead of transforming or detracting from it. I offer professional tips in an accessible and fun way so that all age levels can follow along.

Please join me for my latest Preteen/Teen Natural Makeup class at the 1st ever Wholehealth WELLness Pop Up Invasion at Artfarm Annapolis. A portion of the class ticket proceeds will be donated to Anne Arundel Medical Center Oncology and Community Outreach Programs. 

Register for the Preteen/Teen Natural Makeup Class Here.