Holiday Makeup Consultations

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I have a special treat for you this holiday season! Instead of a group holiday makeup class, I will be offering private holiday consultation appointments at my most favorite clean beauty shop, Take Care in Georgetown

Lately, I have been inspired by the natural and effortless makeup approach of French Women. I even have a sponsored makeup video-tutorial coming out in December. The video focuses on how to achieve "French Girl" makeup in 3 easy steps.

During the holiday private consultation, I will be showing you one-on-one how to customize a natural and effortless French Girl makeup look just FOR YOU! We will be focusing on natural full brows, definition in the cheeks, and a bold lip.

The makeup consultations are 25 minutes a person. If time allows, come prepared with other makeup questions or tips you may want. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to park (ick Georgetown parking) and browse the shop. 


1. Register for free on Eventbrite with an email address in which you can be easily contacted. 

2. You will be contacted by Suzanne Eden to choose your time slot and your appointment will be booked through Square.

3. 25-minute holiday consultations are $55 per person. If you are double booking with a friend or family member, please make sure to tell Suzanne in your scheduling email.