7/15 Natural Makeup & Creative Portrait Workshop for Girls


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7/15 Natural Makeup & Creative Portrait Workshop for Girls


Saturday July 15th from 10am-3pm.

This first-time workshop is a collaboration between The Make-Up Chic, Suzanne Eden and ArtFarm's Alison Harbaugh. 

Girls ages 10-13 are invited to join us for a fun Saturday workshop at ArtFarm where they will learn about natural makeup & photography!

10-noon: Makeup Lesson
* learn makeup application technique for a naturally polished day-time
application- a classic look that will never go out of style.
* learn fun ways to enhance your makeup for special events such as dances, graduations, weddings etc... a day-to-night look
*opportunity for personal color matching and application technique questions about skincare and makeup. 
*take-home product and technique information for easy home replication.
* products are all clean and non-toxic. 

lunch break - girls will have to bring a packed lunch 

1-3 :Portrait Photography Lesson & Shoot:

*learn how to set up a photo studio (lighting and backdrops)
*talk about different styles of portraits
*encourage each girl to find their "look" and represent themselves in a truthful way.
*learn different posing techniques
*learn all about how lighting affects the final image
*each girl will get at least one final portrait emailed to them after the workshop

****note- this class will only take place if we get 10 girls to participate, so sign up with a friend!!

From Suzanne, The Makeup Chic

A mom of a fifteen-year-old girl contacted me online and said... “I found you from looking into makeup classes for teens. I saw a ton of people who can do that, but your makeup just looked so clean. I don’t want my daughter to look too made up, just enhanced!”

I was really flattered and it got me thinking about what a gift it would be for preteens and teenagers to learn how to care for their skin properly and wouldn't it be great if they learned how to apply makeup in a tasteful and fun way without teaching themselves bad habits.

As a former teacher, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start a new lesson program called #makeupteacher and my focus for this program is to teach preteens, teenagers, and adults proper skincare and gorgeous makeup that will accentuate their natural beauty instead of transforming or detracting from it. I offer professional tips in an accessible and fun way so that all age levels can follow along. 

From Alison , Fearless Photo Girls

In the spirit of Fearless Girls, Alison Harbaugh (Sugar Farm Productions) and Joanna Tillman (Joanna Tillman Photography) are pairing up to teach girls how to set up a photography studio and to take portraits of each other that are timeliness, fun, and telling of their individual selves. We believe that all girls should "own their image" and be proud of who they are and what they represent. By teaching basic photography and posing techniques we encourage them to explore the world of portrait photography & begin to define who they are in front of and behind the camera.