Beauty Chat w/ RMS (Part 1)


If you ever get the chance to watch a video or go to an event where Rose-Marie Swift (creator of RMS Beauty) is speaking, DO IT! She is so knowledgeable about the clean beauty industry and she is a true entertainer. Best of all, with a client list of models and celebrities such as Giselle, her makeup style/technique is refined to perfection. 

Last weekend, I helped the Take Care shop in DC host an RMS beauty chat where they Skyped Rose-Marie Swift into the shop. If Take Care has Rose-Marie back, everyone I know needs to come to the class/event! She has really shaped my natural makeup philosophy and technique. Side note- Take Care carries the full RMS line if you want to go and try things out. 

I wish I could share everything that I've learned from Rose-Marie, but the list would be too long. I decided to do a two-part post. This post will include my top three favorite makeup tips to help you get the natural and effortless RMS glow! My next post will be my top three makeup application techniques that I have learned from Rose-Marie Swift so you don't want to miss that one either. 

My Top 3 RMS Makeup Product Tips

1. Dab Living Luminizer on your lid and GO! Have you ever wanted that glowy, dewy, & youthful eyelid-look that you see in magazines and you're like, how did they do that without using Vaseline? Per Rose-Marie Swift -- if you dab Living Luminizer in the middle of your eyelid, It will create an effortless glow that brightens up your eye and makes you look younger. 

2. A natural lip is not "nude". I find this so true... when people say they want a "natural" lip, they usually don't want a "nude" lip. They want a lip color that represents their natural lip color and unfortunately that changes (and not for the better) as we age. Rose-Marie created the Lip2Cheek color in illusive to represent a youthful, natural lip -- the lip color we want to take back from our 12-year-old self! 

3. Mix Master Mixer literally in EVERYTHING! I know a lot of people who went nuts for the hype of this product and only use it as a highlighter. Using it as a highlighter is great, it's a stunning highlighter. However; you can literally use this product in everything from foundation to lipstick -- hence the name MASTER MixerBelow is a quote from Rose-Marie about this product. And make sure to watch the tutorials on how to use it. 
“I have wanted to create a product like this for a long time, the one product I have been missing in my kit. The Master Mixer™ transforms any of my products with the perfect warm rose gold that is so flattering on anyone. Used alone or mixed with my Living Luminizer it effortlessly blends over the cheek bones, brow bones, down the bridge of the nose, bow of the lips and even the eye lid for a subtle, sexy gold shimmer. Magic truly happens when this product is combined to any of your lipsticks resulting in the most gorgeous, refined iridescence imaginable to your lips.  Blends perfectly with both powders or creams." Rose-Marie Swift, Creator & Makeup Artist.


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