Jen's Wedding Makeup

I am always honored and a little nervous when a friend or family member asks me to do their makeup and even more nervous if they ask me to do their wedding makeup AND even more nervous when said friend or family member is already a self-proclaimed "product junkie" and knows how to do their makeup quite well!

Meet Jen: Dear friend from college. Met for the first time when I was hovered over a stove making Vegetarian Baked Beans and Tofu Pups. Became instant friends and roommates. Favorite activities included, but not limited to... long walks, Mexican food binges, having every class together, and trying all her new beauty products(see "beauty junkie").

I was shocked when Jen asked me to do her wedding makeup! I thought she would import the best beauty products off the West Coast developed from a lab in Malibu and hand delivered to her front door in pretty and organic recycled paper packaging with custom colors that were matched specifically to her wedding accent color palette. Nope she asked me and that was final, "Are you sure?"

Jen wanted a very natural makeup look for her rustic-chic Baltimore Manor wedding. She wanted her face to be slightly bronzed and her cheeks to have a natural blush flush. Her eyes were the main focal point and her lips a light peachy-nude gloss. I'd say with both of our beauty-input, we nailed her wedding makeup!!!

Suzanne EdenComment