Ask Suz- Should I do my wedding makeup and hair trial on the same day as my engagement photos?

Should I do my wedding makeup and hair trial on the same day as my engagement photos or another pre-wedding special event? No. Here's why...

You need not be stressed or rushed for your engagement shoot.

While double beauty duty may seem like a good idea, it usually pans out to be pretty stressful. Many couples I encounter are stressed out before their engagement shoot because they're usually planning outfits last minute, coordinating schedules, trying to beat traffic, and still trying to look good all in the name of "before sunset." I also find that most of my clients who do their makeup and hair trial on the same day as their engagement shoot are distracted and can't devote their full attention in engaging with me to pick their wedding day beauty look!

Don't skimp -- you should book makeup/hair appointments for your engagement shoot.

You should book a separate appointment for makeup/hair just for your engagement photos. While I do want your business, it's not just about me. If you look and feel your best for your engagement photos, you're going to be more relaxed and have a better experience. We can put those lashes on that you've always wanted to try or blow out your hair the way you never have time to do in the morning. You get to wear your favorite outfit and prance around in your fancy boots or new pumps! You'll be on a high after the photoshoot and you'll want to spend time with your partner and what better way to do it than batting your lashes and flinging your hair over a nice dinner after the shoot! 

Enjoy being pampered for your most photographed pre-wedding events.

As I said before, planning a wedding can feel hectic and it can also feel like a money pit. During the planning process, one may notice their nails need a good manicure, hair roots may be sprouting, brows are getting scraggly, and makeup bag updates are put on the back burner. I've heard it countless times, you don't have the time or want to spend the money on yourself and you'll make sure you get pampered on the wedding day! Why wait? Your wedding day goes by so fast and your mind will be swirling with excitement; the last thing on your mind will be relaxing and getting pampered! Engagement photos and other pre-wedding special events are a great excuse to get the updates your beauty routine needs. And you'll look back on all your pre-wedding special event photos loving the way you look! 

Interested in pre-wedding event makeup perks? 

I typically offer special rates and promotions to my clients who have already booked me for their wedding makeup!

Already good at doing your makeup?

Let me help you pick out photo-friendly beauty bag updates that will assure you look stellar in all your pre-wedding special event photos!

When to book your wedding makeup and hair trial:

*First off, pick a day that you can devote between 1.5 hours (makeup) to 3 hours (makeup and hair) to beauty. This timing is an estimate, but sometimes I've had combined makeup and hair trials take up to 2-3 hours. 

*Plan your makeup and hair trial when you can go out for the evening with your honey or pick a day where you can meet your friends for dinner. It's always fun to have your honey/friends gush over your makeup! 

*Book your trial before a wedding or special event that is not yours.