Favorite Skin Boosts (for when you get off track)

Did everyone have a nice long weekend? I went to North Carolina with my family - home to my alma mater, land where coast meets countryside, and suburbs where thousands of Bojangles reside! 

We had a great trip, but I forgot my skincare products at home which was the first strike. Second, we ate lots of heavy country foods, which always makes me breakout! Third, I got too close to a Liger (yes they do exist) at a caged Tiger rescue facility and when said Liger peed, it splattered and hit my face. 'Twas a true skin fanatics nightmare to say the least!

Unfortunately, I can already notice the quality and clarity of my skin looking slightly ruddy and dull. Fortunately, I will be rebooting this week by getting back on my healthy skincare routine. This skin boost helps my skin quickly return to being clear within a weeks time.  

10 easy steps to boost your skin after you and your skin have been on vacation: 

#1: Change pillowcase.

#2: Wash face before bed.

#3: Exfoliate face 2-3X a day.

#4: Tone face day and night.  

#5: Moisturize in the morning and at night and don't leave neck hanging (literally). 

#6: Apply eye cream everyday and night.

#7: Useface mask at least one time this week.

#8: Exfoliate/moisturize lips, hands, and body. 

#9: Drink lots of water. Lemon water is good too and make sure to juice.

#10: Sip skin detox tea when feeling a junk food craving.