Back to Basics- Skincare

My Basic Skincare Routine

My Basic Skincare Routine

According to Instagram hashtags, the term basic means pumpkin spice lattes, skinny jeans, and infinity scarves. But, when it comes to skincare, I’ve found that having a basic everyday skincare regimen is really important to stay on track, even for the pros.

Most of my clients don’t have a skincare regimen and some clients use so many products that their products start working against them. I always tell my clients looking for a good skincare routine; go back to basics. When basic skincare is mastered, then one can add more to the daily routine.

Sometimes, I get off track with my own skincare routine especially when I’m testing new serums or oils or if I‘m traveling. Luckily, I’ve developed a routine that gets me back on track after going awry.

Here is a perfect routine to start if you don’t have one, an excellent re-group if your skincare routine has fallen off track, and a simple routine to follow if your skin is breaking out.

Back to Basics Skincare Routine:

I like to jumpstart my routine with a high quality face mask. I am currently using Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask.

Morning- Cleanser. Toner. Moisturizer (SPF if you're outside or driving). Makeup

* I lay off the makeup as much as I can when getting back to basics. If I'm going to work, I wear minimal makeup. The skin needs to breath!

Exfoliator- 2x a week morning

Night- Cleanser. Toner. Night Moisturizer (No SPF)

After getting back to basics for two weeks straight, you can add another skincare product you love. 

This Basic skincare routine is a wonderful routine for someone new to skincare or for someone whose skincare has gone awry. I often recommend this skincare routine to my bridal clients, ensuring that they will be glowing on their wedding day.

As always, contact me personally to help you get on a glowing skincare routine!