Natural Beauty Workshop for Girls

Natural Beauty Workshop for Girls

Alison Harbaugh has recently partnered up with The Makeup Chic, Suzanne Eden, as a part of the Fearless Girls photography workshops. The students took such an interest in the way Suzanne made the models look naturally beautiful that we thought it would be a good idea to offer a workshop for tweens and teens on the art of proper skin care and age appropriate (and hip) makeup application.

Suzanne believes that when a young girl shows an interest in wearing makeup, it is important, at the onset, to lay the foundation of proper techniques and appropriate application that they can then build on for the rest of their lives. 

This workshop will focus on everyday skincare and basic makeup skills using safe non-toxic products. In these workshops, Suzanne will offer professional advice for girls interested in an everyday, illuminating, natural look. She will also share tips and tricks for special occasion application where a slightly more dramatic, yet sophisticated look may be desired.

Date: Saturday, Feb 6th from 1-3pm

Location: ArtFarm

Ages: 12-17

Cost: $75 (includes an eye brush set)

To sign up for the workshop visit us at :