Coming Clean- "Green" Everyday Beauty Organization

Big News

I haven’t written in quite a while as I’ve had lots going on. The most important being a new baby on the way! My first trimester was filled with plenty of excitement and tons of couch time. A few weeks ago was when I entered into my second trimester and finally stopped eating the “all things white” and “sparkling water” diet. I’ve also gotten off the couch (for the most part) and into some yoga, organizing, and planning. So when my friend/business partner Ky Washington asked me to write a blog post about going green with my personal beauty products, I felt it was the perfect time. 

How We Found Out

When I got pregnant, I wasn’t in the full-on “trying to get pregnant” mode as I thought it would take me months or years to conceive. I was on the Whole30 program and I was using all clean/non-toxic beauty products and have been for a while. Between God, Whole30, and clean/non-toxic beauty, I got pregnant faster than I ever imagined—which was a huge surprise.

We found out at a Friendsgiving dinner with about four of my closest girlfriends (a few were missing) and their husbands. I had been cramping for a few days and my gal friends peer pressured me towards the end of the night to take a pregnancy test. I’ve been peer pressured for worse, so I caved rather quickly. When the little digi popped up saying “pregnant” I flipped my lid in shock and had to call my husband up from downstairs. He was in shock too and he high fived me. The high five exchange was really awkward, but I didn’t care at the time because I was so excited. I later found out, that he wasn’t too thrilled about finding out the big news in front of a bunch of people and who can blame him. It’s still a great story though. 

Me and my girls after I found out we were expecting. Super elated! I am holding my miNi gal pal.

Me and my girls after I found out we were expecting. Super elated! I am holding my miNi gal pal.

As you can see that’s why I’ve been a little quiet on-line. However; with all the recent nesting and organizing, I thought it would be fun to show you how I’ve organized my personal "green" everyday beauty routine in 4 steps.

#1 Purge-

How do you throw away all your perfectly good beauty products? You just do it and don’t look back. I brought out the trash bags and said goodbye to my personal toxic products. I now have almost all clean beauty for myself, a “green" makeup kit for my clients, and a HD photography kit for my clients which includes a mix of "green" and "non-green" products that I’ve hand selected as my favorites. 

When I tossed the makeup that I didn’t use anymore and my keep pile was organized, I set up a personal system for my everyday "green" beauty routine. Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Lara Ramos from the Glossarie, I was able to find the best organizational products from Target for my everyday products. 

#2 Skincare-

My skincare organization is as follows (left to right) Oils, serums and facial toner. Moisturizer without spf and Moisturizer with Spf. Night Cream and Masks. I still keep my face wash, exfoliator, deodorant, and body lotions in my bathroom. 

*Please note that I haven't switched my sunscreen over to a clean version yet. I will make the switch this summer. When I am driving long distance or I'm outside, I use dew skin which contains sunscreen. 

#3 Makeup-

Everyday makeup organization starts with Face, eyes, then lips/cheeks. Easy Peasy!

#4 Brushes-

These are the brushes I use on an everyday basis tucked away in a marble jar recommended by The Glossarie.

Your next stop should be over to my friend, Ky's You Tube channel. She is organizing her professional makeup kit. This video is a one-of-a-kind if you want to see how a professional makeup artist organizes their pro makeup kit—perfect for budding artists and pro's. I am personally excited about her video because it's rare you get to peek into a professionals makeup organizational process. Go and have a look. I will meet you over there!

A huge thank you to my talented photographer friend Sarah Kimble Photography. She snapped all the product photos.