DC Makeup Class- No Makeup, Makeup Look for Spring

Makeup Class in DC- No Makeup, Makeup Look for Spring: Sunday, April 10 from 2-3pm

Join me at Be Clean Shop for my first adult makeup application class of the season!

1. Tutorial on how to select skincare products for your skin type, and how to complete your routine for makeup application

2. Intimate makeup application class featuring tips and tricks for a fresh "no makeup" look for spring

3. Sips and snacks from local makers

4. A 15% discount on all purchases at Be Clean Shop

All you need to bring is your own mascara. 

About Me: 

I started The Makeup Chic, by Suzanne Eden, an on-site boutique makeup service, and serve as owner, manager, and lead artist. The thing I enjoy most about makeup is being able to look at someone’s face and see how it could be enhanced with makeup. It’s extremely satisfying when a client loves her makeup, or when, because of a makeup enhancement, she presents as the best version of herself and therefore feels more confident. I have a passion for supporting independent small businesses and researching non-toxic, one-of-a kind specially curated beauty products.  


Be Clean Shop

52 O Street NW, Unit 308

Washington, DC 2000