My Winter Essentials

Surviving winter and looking good doing it can be next to impossible, especially in Washington DC. The more winters I go through, the uglier I feel! That's why I've developed a winter beauty arsenal. I'm constantly in the market to load up with new hires too, so I asked my fabulous friend, Ky Richie from Richie Makeup on how she handles the tough DC winters and still looks gorgeous - because she always does! And then we decided to do a collaboration of course. Ky shared her winter essentials on her beautytube and I'm here blabbing about my winter essentials on my blog. Watch, read, and immediately prescribe yourself some winter relief!

Left to Right:

eos lip balm (sweet mint)- eos did a stellar job with their lip balm marketing, but the product is stellar too! I feel good about using it because it's affordable, easy to access, and is free of the harmful ingredients that most lip balms carry. I keep one in my bag for the day and I have one on my night stand for the night. My lips haven't been chapped once this winter! I've tried all the flavors and sweet mint is the most mild, so I like it the best.  

Aveda hand relief night renewal serumBest hand product I've ever used, hands down! The texture is smooth and soft and it quickly absorbs into your hands. I hate when other hand creams stay on the surface and create a sticky mess, Aveda night renewal serum won't do that and it smells so good too!

Becca mineral bronzing powder- This bronzing powder is my feel good of the season. I love it because it gives a natural warmth to my skin and it doesn't have shimmer, which I prefer in the winter. Becca makes this bronzing powder free of parabans, oil, fragrance, alcohol, talc, chemical dyes, and other fillers. Sometimes you can catch it on sale at Hautelook! I will let you know next time I see it on sale.   

Simple Sugars almond body scrub- My friend shared this product with me by stating that it's the same as Fresh sugar scrub, but half the price. I went right to the website and had to try it! This product is amazing. You can use it as an exfoliator in the shower and skip the lotion because the moisturizing scrub allows you to "No-Lo" (as they say on the website.) Another bonus of purchasing from Simple Sugars is supporting a incredible start-up with a cool story (featured on Shark Tank!) 

Paddywax apothecary candles- I'm a bit of a winter weather wuss, so the DC winters have me spending lots of time indoors for most of my downtime. On a chilly day, I love to light a good candle, but I'm very particular about the aesthetics of candle packaging. When I saw the apothecary line of candles by Paddywax, I had a mini meltdown! I am obsessed with real life apothecary's or make believe life apothecary's (Practical Magicand vintage apothecary jars! After my apothecary candle has run its course, I keep the jars and display them on my shelves or in my china hutch.

Ahh the little things that help me get through the colder winter weather. What are yours? Leave a comment in the comment section!