It's Back! John Frieda Sea Salt Spray

John Frieda Sea Salt Spray & Other College/Cult Favorites

In college, our huge house full of girls would steal, sneak, and stock pile the now cult classic, John Frieda Sea Salt Spray. We thought we were the only gals in the world to make the discovery of this coveted beach in a bottle. So when the product became discontinued and was being auctioned off for $120 on ebay, our penniless and soon to be grad-selves, cut losses and moved on. But, some people didn't. Those "some" people were courageous enough to petition at John Frieda and bring back the beach waves! Now it's back and with brand new packaging and ready for you to soak up!

I couldn't talk about my favorite sea salt spray without a quick recap of some other college/cult favorites!

Left to Right:

Fekkai Glossing Creme- This smoothing pre/post blowdry, olive oil infused creme is still a best seller! It leaves hair smooth, shiny, lightweight, and smells incredible!

Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten- Stila is meowing all the way to the bank with their soft shimmery nude/pink eye shadow. This eye shadow is perfect for an all over eye color, but use sparingly a little goes a long way! Tap your brush before applying!

Bed Head Headrush- I know a bit more about the environment now than to willingly use an aerosol can of hair product on my head. But boy... does this stuff work! Headrush will leave your hair super shiny in a natural (I want to pet your head) type of way. Perfect product for alluring a mate in your prime, not so perfect if you care about the environment.

MAC Lipstick in Frou- Love it or hate it, Frou is still on the market and frosting lips of all ages. This was the "it" color in the early 2000's (I feel so weird writing 2000's) and it's color is strange - almost a grey/pink and can sometimes make you look a little dead, but pretty dead (if you know what I mean.)