The Perfect Red Lip (A How-to Video)

Using a stain and lip color layering technique, I am showing my followers how to create the most universally flattering red lip. A perfect tutorial for everyday, a night out, or a special occasion!

Now let’s learn how to get that gorgeous Valentine’s Day Pout! This innovative mix of pink and red will create the perfect Valentine lip for all skin tones and coloring. Use the step by step instructions here or watch the DIY makeup tutorial video!

Step by step instructions:

  1. Identify best shade of red for your coloring. I used a universally flattering shade of red called, Scarlett that everyone should have on hand. I call it my party lip!
  2. Apply Lip Stain to lips and let dry (30 seconds).
  3. Swipe Delux lip brush in red lipstick.
  4. Apply red lipstick to lips using Delux lip brush. *(Start on bottom mid-lip and working your way out to both sides. Start on top mid lip working your way out to both sides.)
  5. Swipe Small Precision Brush in the red lipstick.