Primed- Interview with Pro Makeup Artist Khira Karam

I am really excited about this new blog and Instagram series that I’ve created called, Primed.

Primed is near and dear to my inner teenage heart because it reminds me of thirteen-year-old Suzanne reading through all the magazines and scouring the interview’s of celebs or people I admired.

Now we have Instagram to get a behind the scene look at a celebs life and my favorite “celebs” are much different than when I was thirteen. I’m sure you can take a wild guess — they are makeup artists (big and small)!

My first makeup artist interview to kick off the series is with pro makeup artist, Khira Karam.


Khira had a career in the fashion industry in NYC working with high-end brands. She is now a professional makeup artist based out of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

I found Khira’s Instagram page through a blogger I follow (Finding Beauty Mom). I was drawn to her page because quite literally everyone she puts makeup on looks glowy and gorgeous! You can see more of her portfolio on her website.

Khira and I have become Instagram friends and I always enjoy her comments, beauty tips, and seeing her work through her Instagram posts.

If you’re like me and you love learning from other artists, you might have specific questions for Khira. If so, please comment on my Instagram post (with her head shot above) and she will answer them.

Beauty Chat w/ Khira

What is your signature makeup style?

Glowy skin, liner and lots of mascara with a nude lip.

One application technique or product that you use on clients?

A light reflective primer under foundation. Depending on the client I use it either on the high points of the face or all over in an even layer to give that lit from within look to the skin.

What is your ideal makeup job and why?

Fashion focused jobs/shoots. I come from a background of 10 years in the fashion industry working for high-end brands so mixing makeup and fashion is the dream. I also love the collaborative process of working with other creatives.

You personally have the best skin and your makeup always looks so good. I know you work hard on researching products and I know one size doesn’t fit all. What would you suggest for people who are trying to get their skin and makeup in a place that works for them?

Thank you!! But, I do have things that I struggle with regarding my skin like everyone else and my best advice for my clients and for anyone else looking to work on their skin/makeup is to find a group of professionals that will work along with you to achieve your goals. For me this includes an Integrative Wellness Doctor, Physical Trainer, Dermatologist, P.A., estheticians, etc. I have built long standing friendships with most of them by now and I work on my body as whole because we all know what is reflected on the skin is a reflection of what’s going on in the rest of the body. Since I’m a makeup artist, I’ve got that part covered, but hiring a pro to come and re-haul your beauty bag, give you a lesson, etc to reach your makeup goals is something that I do regularly for other people and it helps them so much! Above all, know your own skin and what works for you. No one knows it better than you.

What’s your favorite green beauty brand and product?

This is hard because I have so many favorites but at the moment I have been loving Kjaer Weis. I tend to gravitate towards creamy textures and I just find their makeup to blend so well into the skin for a really natural, healthy look.