Fall Makeup Class & Summer Recap!


Happy (almost) Fall!

I've been trying to hold onto summer like expired makeup that I can't throw away. I have to say though, viewing all the back to school photos and feeble attempts of people drinking hot pumpkin drinks is giving me the fall feels.  

I am really excited that my fall makeup class is open for registration. The class is on September 30th in DC at the Take Care shop. The end of September will be the perfect time to teach you transitional makeup techniques and get you fall ready before the weather truly gets cooler and your skin coloring changes. 

Below is the link with the full class description and registration. 


Summer Recap

My spring/summer makeup class was full with such a sweet group of women. My only regret was not being able to spend enough time with everyone afterwards. That's why I added an optional extra 30 min. at the end of my fall class so I can answer questions without feeling rushed. 


In June, I attended the mid-summer makeup class with Kjaer Weis's creator Kirsten Kjaer Weis. Take Care shop in DC is known for hosting some pretty exceptional events. And it's where I teach my makeup classes. I loved getting personalized attention with Kirsten. She was so down to earth and her makeup artistry and philosophy is similar to the way I do makeup and teach. It was very affirming for me as a makeup artist. She isn't very trendy and I really appreciate that. She has a light touch and so do I. The class gave me a lot more confidence as a clean makeup artist. And most importantly, I realized how important it is for everyone to do professional development!

IMG_6233 (1).JPG

Kirsten gave so many great tips. The one that resonated with me the most is to stay away from powdering the cheeks. Sometimes with bridal makeup, I get nervous and powder everything. This summer I was conscious about not powdering the cheeks (Kirsten said it's a crime LOL). Here is the result at one of my hottest summer weddings in June. Gorgeous, right?! Glad I let the cheeks naturally glow!

PS- this is just a phone photo, the real photos are even more incredible. Can't wait to share!

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