Meghan Markle's Makeup is...


Meghan Markle's makeup is quite literally everything bridal makeup should be! She looked radiant and natural. Honestly, at first glance I barely even noticed her makeup -- she was wearing her makeup and it wasn't wearing her (as one of my client's once said in re: to her own bridal makeup).

My favorite part of Meghan's wedding makeup is her natural skin! I seriously love that she doesn't even look like she's wearing foundation and you can see her freckles. This is so refreshing. I notice that so many women are using too much foundation. You really don't need that much foundation and applying it subtly and sheer is always best. We worked on applying sheer foundation in my last group makeup class and it's definitely my specialty, Allison too! Have you read my lead artist, Allison's bio? If not, have a look. She is a true skin expert. I cannot wait to get a facial with her this summer. Will blog about my experience too and share with you. 

Okay, back to the sheer foundation. I am going to do a round-up of my favorite clean, lightweight foundations and tips on how to apply. I have tested so many and I can't wait to share my favorites with you. 


Markle's makeup artist is Daniel Martin -- Dior Brand Ambassador and Honest Beauty Creative Color Consultant.