Beauty Chat w/ RMS (Part 2)


Ahhh, I have learned so much from listening to talks with Rose-Marie Swift and it was so nice to be able to ask her questions at the Beauty Chat at, Take Care in DC. They carry the full RMS Beauty line if you ever want to stop in and play. 

I want to share with you a few of my favorite makeup application techniques from the wise founder of RMS Beauty. They are so good and really helpful especially in an age of YouTube Unicorn highlighting and chocolate bar contouring. 

Natural Highlighter Application Technique

I love Rose-Marie's simple explanation for where to highlight on the face. You don't want to highlight directly under the eye, you want to be one fingerprint down. Also, you don't want to highlight in the crease of the mouth where your laugh lines are or on the tip of your nose. You can watch both these videos from her website so you have more of a visual to what I'm describing. Watch Here!

I also really love celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno and she has a really good how-to highlight video. Watch Here!

Natural Contour Application Technique

Rose-Marie is anti-chocolate bar contour and describes blending and lifting your "contour" cream above the hollows of your cheeks into the temple and hairline to create a youthful, plump effect instead of a gaunt and sickly looking stripe (that goes too far down into the mouth area). She's blunt people! 

I've personally seen photos of makeup artists I really love do this and it visually doesn't look right to me. I love this video Rose-Marie did with Credo about contouring. Watch Here!

"Un" Powder Technique

It's no secret that Rose-Marie isn't a fan of the powdery look hence her signature "un" powder product. "It ages you", she says. 

And she also teaches that where and how you powder is super important to keep your youthful glow. She recommends powdering with a puff and in very specific areas. The only places she really doesn't like shine are on the chin and above the eyebrows. Watch the full "un" powder tutorial here!

My next makeup class is on May 6th at the, Take Care shop and I will be focusing on getting that spring/summer glow using bronzer and highlight techniques. I can't wait to share my tips with you in person. Go and watch these videos to gain some knowledge and be ahead of the game and sign up for my class HERE

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