February Goodbeing Box


February has been throwing us some weather curve balls, but my Goodbeing Box has been consistently amazing! This has to be my favorite box so far and it’s hard to choose a favorite especially when my first Goodbeing box contained a Clove and Hallow lip stain.

When you throw in a Han multistick (which I have been wanting to try) with Suntegrity tinted face sunscreen, and Lauren B. Beauty basecoat — how can this not be your favorite box!?

If you haven’t heard of the Goodbeing subscription box yet, you can read all about it in my full review here.

Take a peak inside the February box and read my product reviews below!

Han All Natural Multistick in Rose Dust- This multistick is everything I hoped it would be. The color is not too pink and not too mauve and gives just the right amount of flush on my cheeks and just the right amount of color to my lips.

I truly appreciate the brand Han and their mission. They create beautiful products and do their best to keep them affordable so that more people can have access to clean makeup. If you are looking for affordable makeup with beautiful pigments that are healthy for your skin — definitely give Han a try!

Sade Baron Castile Soap Moisturizing Body Wash- This is one of those brands I would have never tried if it wasn’t for the Goodbeing box and this brand is one of the reasons why joining a subscription box is so great! Have you ever heard of a moisturizing castile soap? It seems like and oxymoron, but Sade Baron did a beautiful job at creating the perfect balance of squeaky clean and moisturizing. My skin felt so soft after using this body wash in the shower. I am excited to try more Sade Baron products! Thanks for the intro, Goodbeing!

Good Medicine Honey Bee Revelation Mask- I loved this mask from the minute I put it on. I have been very into raw honey products lately for my dry, lack luster skin! If you are new to honey products this mask is a perfect start. It is gentle and soothing!

The packaging threw me off a little because of the bright pink. I went on Good Medicine website and it was stunning so I’m thinking this was an old label. Definitely have a look at their website. I want to try everything now!

*Update Good Medicine contacted me and mentioned that they have new packaging and they will be sending me some products with the new packaging to share. I can’t wait to share more of this brand with you all. Each product is hand-made in their own lab. If you are new to the green beauty world — having your own lab where you have control of product is key!

Suntegrity Moisturizing Face Sunscreen- I have been a fan of Suntegrity for years now. I discovered them shortly after my mother-in-law passed away from a melanoma. When I read that the founder lost her mother to a melanoma and dedicated her life to making sunscreen with healthy ingredients, I was sold. I have recommended this products to many clients and friends. Some have given feedback that their moisturizing sunscreen is too thick and I agree, it is thick. Their everyday moisturizing sunscreen is the real deal so if you are out in the sun a lot and need really good coverage with healthy ingredients, then this one is for you. It also doubles as a primer so you would apply it before face makeup.

If you still need great sun coverage, but want more of a light weight formula with a tint, then the Impeccable Skin tinted sunscreen is for you! This was in my Feb. Goodbeing box and I love it! I also love their self tanners, I use it before special events on my arms and legs.

Suntegrity is a brand very dedicated to healthy sunscreen that is protective. I highly recommend!

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Protector Base Coat- Think of this base coat as a primer (like for your skin), but for your nails. I wanted to try Lauren B. Beauty from the last Goodbeing box and I didn’t choose it. That’s the cool thing about Goodbeing, they will typically send you an extra little something in your next box and Lauren B. Beauty was the icing on the cake in my February box!

FYI- I am the gal who gets her nails and toes done and asks for no polish, so discovering Lauren B. is a game changer for me. The line has nail care products which I love and a Bridal collection — all products vegan-friendly and free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

I had an hour to kill between clients and I went to get my nails done. I asked the nail tech to test out the base coat and it made my nails look so smooth and clean. She topped it with a top coat and it was the perfect nude. I loved it and I am definitely recommending the bridal collection to my brides. I may even give them as a gift. Also, this nail tech totally got me. She even turned the bottle around when I was taking this photo. I didn’t have to ask. It was so cute!