December Goodbeing Box


I am really excited that the Goodbeing subscription box asked me to be their brand ambassador for another 3 months. Until March, you will get the insider scoop of what is in the Goodbeing box!

Subscription boxes are such a neat way to try out new products and if you are trying to switch to cleaner beauty products, Goodbeing vets all the products that they include in the boxes so you can trust what they are putting in.

Last month, I explained the process of Goodbeing subscription box so you can understand how it works and why it financially makes sense to join Goodbeing. This month, I will be simply reviewing the products.

URSA MAJOR (Fantastic Face Wash)- This face wash is truly fantastic. I was actually looking at it before it came in the box so when I had the choice between the face wash and some of their other skincare products, I chose the face wash. I loved that it cleans and exfoliates without being a scrub and without stripping your skin or messing with it’s PH balance. My friend who carries the Ursa Major line in her shop, messaged me and told me that the face wash was too strong for my skin and that it’s best for oily skin. Keep that in mind if you are going to purchase it. I have to say though, I usually use cream, oil, or balm based cleansers and it felt really good to deep clean my skin. I would purchase this and have it on hand for a once a month deep clean (dry peeps take note).

Overall, I am really enjoying the Ursa Major products that I have purchased so I highly recommend this brand. And if you don’t have dry or dehydrated skin, you will LOVE this face wash!

Jivi Body Butter (infused with magnesium) Chocolate- This product has a really cool concept because it’s moisturizing and because it’s infused with magnesium which helps sore muscles. It did not work for me though because it would not rub in. I emailed the company and they responded with the following.

“Because the cocoa butter has a higher melting point, for some people it doesn’t melt immediately on their skin. I’m happy to send you a Paloma body butter, which has more shea butter and so shouldn’t have the same issues with not melting into your skin. Please send over me your address so I can get it sent out right away.”

I am excited to try the Paloma body butter and appreciate Jivi’s exceptional customer service in response to my concern.

Uniful Concealer- With the Goodbeing box you can choose a full size makeup or skincare product. I like to choose the makeup products because (as a makeup artist) I like to test out different makeup brands that are clean. Uniful is a brand that I haven’t heard of before and was thrilled to hear of their ingredient standard.

They only use ingredients that are organic and...

USDA, Ecocert and/or Cosmo certified,


vegetable-derivated, and

non-irradiated (the micas in our foundation).

Their concealer comes in 3 colors (fair, light, and light tan). I picked the fair shade because I wanted to try a lighter color for under my eyes. It was a little too fair so next time, I would get the light. “The formula is really nice though. Their unique blend of natural and organic oils and waxes will nourish and moisturize your skin, giving it a natural glow while protecting against water loss.”

Juice Beauty Cream Shadow Stick (30 Horizon)- I love Juice Beauty skincare products, but have little experience with their makeup. This cream shadow stick is LOVELY. I like that it goes on super smooth and is thin. Many cream shadow sticks are a little heavy — this one is light and almost a little sheer. Horizon is a purplish/gray. I look great in purples, but grays don’t suit me as well as they would a blonde with blue eyes. This was just the hint of gray that my conservative color palette is drawn too with a little purple that won’t over power anyone’s eye. A definite winner.

Overall, with a full size concealer and cream shadow stick that retails at $50, paying $24.95 for my monthly Goodbeing subscription would be 100 percent worth it in my opinion.