PRIMED- Interview with Makeup & Hair Artist Ky Washington


I received a lot of fun feedback about my last blog interview with beauty industry lady boss, Khira Karam. I want to make these interviews a reoccurring blog post because I think they are helpful for consumers, but also for other people in the beauty industry.

I love that my next Primed interview is with one of my favorite people and it also happens to be her birthday month! She is one of my only friends that loves birthdays like I do!!

Ky Washington (co-founder of our company, Clean Beauty Artists and founder of Modern Green Goddess is a dear friend, colleague, and business partner. She always has a wealth of product information and was recently featured on Herbivore Botanicals Blog in a post about black women in beauty.

Ky is an amazing green makeup and hair artist. She was the first artist that I ever let do my makeup and one of the only artists that I will ever let do my makeup. She’s one of the strongest women I know and gives a mean Gua Sha facial massage.

Have a read to learn more about Ky and her favorite products!

What is your signature makeup style?

I call my signature makeup style natural glam. It’s kicking your everyday look up a notch while still staying in your comfort zone.

One application technique or product that you use on clients?

A fave technique I love to use on clients is giving them a facial massage with a Gua Sha plate. I’m partial to jade ones. They really help with puffiness and help the skincare to really sink in which makes the makeup go on smoothly.

What is your ideal makeup job?

I love the beach so fashion shoots at the beach and destination weddings abroad have been so fun. But, really I love my career so much, anything where I get to spend quality time with a client is a luxury.

Ky recently traveled for our company, Clean Beauty Artists to Asheville, NC. This natural/glam makeup and hair look is everything.

Ky recently traveled for our company, Clean Beauty Artists to Asheville, NC. This natural/glam makeup and hair look is everything.

Favorite Product and Why?

My favorite product is a liquid or cream highlight. When used correctly you can make someone’s skin have the most incredible youthful glow.

My cream and liquid highlight techniques:

After makeup is complete, dab a little on tops of cheek bones, crevice of nose (not the tip), and cupid’s bow.

If you’re too tired for concealer you can put the slightest bit under your eyes for instant radiance.
For liquid, I just tap in with my fingers in the places I mentioned above. For creams, I love to use the Beauty Blender pure (no dyes) or my Clairsonic!

Yes, Ky uses her Clarisonic for blending makeup. It's pretty amazing how she does it!

What brand do you use most in your own beauty routine and why?

I’m high maintenance so that’s a hard one. I mainly use products from Beautycounter. Their skincare and makeup line is really versatile and uses safer ingredients. I am currently also having a love affair with the Odacite’ line. You can visit Ky’s, Green Boutique on her website to shop her favorite products.

You have worked doing makeup and hair for very high profile clientele through the national news outlets based in DC. If you only have 5 minutes to do hair and makeup, what are the top things you do to make sure the client is TV ready? Go!!!

If I only have 5 minutes to do a high profile client I would do:

Foundation, concealer, bronzer, brows. And then for women, I would add liner on top only, mascara, and a lip gloss.

Whoa all that in 5 minutes!

You recently became certified as an Aroma Therapist. What did you learn in your courses that you didn't know before that you found most interesting?

What I learned that I didn’t know before is to be very cautious of health conditions that are not skin related. People with diseases like epilepsy and diabetes need to steer clear of certain combinations.

It also gave me great understanding of what goes into green beauty products and which ones are really worth it based on ingredients, not just fancy packaging.

The concentration of oils are also super powerful so be careful about ingesting them (I don’t). For instance, there are 3000 lemons in a tiny 15 ml bottle of lemon oil.

You are an expert at meal prepping. You post about your meals sometimes on Instagram @Kydoesmakeup. Tell me how you meal prep and share any meal prep tips?

I'm an avid meal prepper. A lot of people tell me they want to meal prep but they are too busy. for me I’m too busy NOT to meal prep!

Every week on Sunday or Monday I make simple breakfasts, a lunch option and sometimes 2 dinner options for the week and quick snacks -- all in their own container so they are easy to grab.

I keep all of my recipes on Pinterest so it’s easy to reference.

My best tips are to make super simple breakfasts like (vegan) yogurt with berries or oatmeal. Make easy transitional foods like salads and lettuce wraps so you can eat them anytime. And always do a super simple meal you can throw in your slow cooker or instant pot to cut down kitchen time. This week we are having spicy lentil chili, yum!

Meal prep has kept me healthy and my skin in pretty good shape. When you’re really busy and travel a lot, you need food that’s good for you to give you sustained energy.

I even pack some of my faves when I’m on a business trip and I ALWAYS have tea with me. A good organic tea can make you feel like a new person!

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